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"These folks are top notch and well worth every penny you'll spend with them. I'm incredibly grateful to Brendon Burchard for his recommendation, and I'm incredibly grateful to Peaceful Media. "

Jeff Walker
Author, Creator of Product Launch Formula

Together, We Create Your Inspired Marketing Website from Start to Launch



Dear Peaceful One,

Are you tired of Googling all evening with your questions about marketing tools, sales funnels, copywriting & web design?

There comes a time when you just want an expert to show you the What, the How, and the Why so that the pieces of your online marketing puzzle not only fit together snugly and beautifully, but also strategically.

Launch 31 is your affordable, action-oriented training program. It's NOT about presenting more theory. You likely have plennnnntty of theories jamming up your hard drive.

Rather, Launch 31 is about empowering you, giving you "look over my shoulder as I do this, now you try it" kinesthetic learning, and allowing you to go deep into IMPLEMENTATION MODE... so that you finally have something amazing & effective to show the world and elevate your brand.

I created this rich, loving online training program because I believe in you. And because I desire that more and more positive difference-makers possess powerful marketing platforms for doing more good in the world. The world needs our light, my friend.

So I invite you to join the Launch 31 tribe today. It's your time to Rise + Shine!

With love & gratitude,

JAM @ Peaceful


"I’m really digging the lesson flow and that with each step you say WHY that step matters."

— Christy M., Los Angeles

Step-By-Step Online Sales & Marketing Implementation

Simply watch our training videos and then follow the instructions to set up the 8 critical components of a modern marketing website, including...

Mobile-Friendly, Modern
11-Page Website

From opt-in landing pages to strategic home page, we walk you  through every step of the design & build.

Attractive Lead Magnet
(Opt-In Freebie)

Build your email list by offering a well-designed guidebook, ebook, or checklist. You'll love the free design tools we teach!

Secure, Online Order Forms & Credit Card Payments

Make it as easy as possible for people to pay you by accepting credit card payments through your website.*

Google Analytics & G-Suite for Business

Your business isn't huge, but that doesn't mean you should play small. We'll teach you Google's key enterprise tools.

Copywriting That Doesn't Sound Stiff & Stale

The first thing you'll get when you register is our page-by-page writing blueprint & Resonant Copywriting training.

Email Autoresponders & Newsletter System

You'll be delighted to see how simple it is to integrate your Squarespace website with MailChimp!

Integrated Blog for Posting Podcasts, Articles & Videos

Want to get recognized as an authority? Easily post your favorite content marketing medium to your blog.

Connected Social Media Profiles

With Squarespace, it's easy to integrate your social media profiles for auto-posting blogs & displaying social icons.

You'll Love the Accountability

Log in Watch your daily training Implement LAUNCH YOUR SITE!

Here's What You Get in Launch 31!

Why do it all by yourself when you can have marketing technology sherpas show you every step to take in the proper sequence?

Website Content Blueprint

Get unstuck with your words! This guidebook helps you through the process of writing, curating, and creating your 11 essential pages of website copy and content.

31-Day Launch Action Planner

This printable action-step calendar helps you visualize each phase of implementation. Laminate and hang it next to your workstation to watch your progress.

Action Outline w/ Timestamps

Comprehensive documentation outlines every little action step we cover in the training videos.  Timestamps help you jump ahead to the teaching you need.

31+ Screenshare Training Videos

We've spent 10,000+ hours studying website & marketing technology. Look over our shoulder, watch us build a site, and hear the HOW & WHY of every action step.

Marketing Templates

Need a head start? We give you nicely designed, well-written lead magnet documents so that you have a starting place for your copy and design. 

Private Facebook Group

Nothing beats community and accountability when it comes to meeting a tight deadline and goal. We regularly check in & answer questions or provide resources.

You'll Love the Feeling of Saving Time & Money

Avoid paying someone every time you need to make a change to your website. No more waiting. You're in charge now!

10 Reasons Why Launch 31 Works So Well

Here's what a few Launch 31 students said in their program completion survey...

Anyone Can Understand This

“I am not a techy person and I did it. Thank you Jason for the step by step guide.”

- Leslie Lyons

Chunking It All Down

“You are making this so easy on us... wowza, thanks for breaking this down into micro-chunks. :-)”

- Martin Fox

Expert Sequencing

“I feel like I am beginning with the end in mind which is something I had failed to do up until now. Seriously fantastic content.”

- Marvin Towler

Bridging Strategy w/ How-To

“...so far beyond just building a website. You got me thinking about SEO, branding, social media, and my audience.”

- Jared Steinberg

Supportive Community

"You will be fully supported even long after the course is over. I've already manifested 10x what I paid for the course because of the tips he's given."

- Kjirsten Sigmund

Fun & Down-to-Earth!

“This is an incredible training course! Fun, informative, and down to earth...and designing and implementing training is what I do for a living.”

- Philip Elam

Pulls All the Pieces Together

"There are a lot of courses out there that show one piece of the puzzle, but this course literally walks people through how to set a business up online."

- Dr. Carrie Rose

Video Playback Anytime

“The content is provided in easy steps. Online training video format provides me with the ability to go back and refresh my memory anytime.”

- Dr. Flis

Saves Time

"Launch 31 is priceless. Saved me at least 6 months. It's the perfect complement to Brendon Burchard's Expert Academy because Jason shows you what pieces are needed and how to launch your expert website!"

- John Berry

Saves $$$

"This is a great way to build your own website without paying a professional do it for you. The result is a very personal product and a super head start to develop it further."

- Irving Yee

Register Today to Unlock These Valuable Bonuses!


Master the 6 Mediums of Modern Marketing

Elevate your brand's impact by learning the key principles of Design, Video, Photography, Copywriting, Social Media, and Blogging -- taught by JAM's handpicked panel of industry-leading experts!

$297 VALUE
Lifetime Access


"Sales Funnel" Training

Your Upward Spiral -- or sales funnel, as marketers call them -- guides website visitors to form a relationship with you and, ultimately, do business with you. Watch JAM build common pathways within Squarespace from cold visitor to lead to customer.

$250 VALUE
Lifetime Access 


Private Consultation

Clarity Inspires Action. Prone to analysis paralysis? Get a FREE, private call with a Team Peaceful consultant to get clear about your branding, positioning, domain names, or monetization so you can confidently move forward.

$150 VALUE


Yours FREE When You Register for Launch 31 Today!

Select Your Launch 31 Registration Package!


Launch 31 Online Training Program

3 x $222


 31+ Step-by-Step Video Trainings

 Copywriting & SEO Guidance

 Ongoing Course Updates

+ BONUSES: Resonant Brand, Upward Spiral, Private Consult  $697 Value

Register Now  

Launch 31 + Private Coaching Sessions

3 x $333


 Includes everything in Silver, plus...

Total Value: $1,400

Get the strategic guidance you need to launch & market your business website. Does not include website design or implementation.  VALUE $450

Register Now  

Launch 31 + Implementation Support

3 x $777


 Includes everything in Silver, plus...

We implement everything for you in (8) weekly collaborative sessions. Perfect for the active business owner who'd rather have the pros do everything. VALUE $3,000

Register Now  

100% Money-Back Guarantee

Don't think you're getting exceptional value? Just shoot us a note within 30 days of your purchase and we'll promptly refund your investment and remove your access to the training. We win when you win. Life is better this way.

"The Peaceful Media team are highly skilled, passionate educators -- always making sure that I understand the how & the why behind digital marketing strategy. They truly want me to succeed, and I always walk away from our trainings sessions feeling like they have my back."

Hollie Edwards
Marketing Director @ WorkingSimply.com

"Peaceful Media has a culture of purpose and commitment to doing the right thing that carries through in their diligent work but also in their heartfelt interactions with clients and each other."

Mark Keim, MC
Founder @ DisasterDoc.org

"A lot of agencies say they have their clients' best interests at heart, Peaceful Media really does."

Melani Dizon
Founder @ RemarkableEmailCopywriting.com

"For a small business with only the equivalent of two full-time employees, Peaceful Media has been a lifesaver! I feel like they genuinely want us to succeed and I consider them a part of our team."

Jacqueline Sene
COO @ RebeccaRosen.com

"Working with Peaceful Media has been an exciting and joyful experience. Their creativity and intuition led the way in creating my gorgeous and powerful new website. I can’t be happier with the end result."

Sonia Choquette
Founder @ SoniaChoquette.net

Meet Your Peaceful Instructor

Jason Miller aka "JAM"


Loving, knowledgeable, and empathetic to newer business owners struggling to figure out marketing technology & elevate their brands online.

Jason is a jack-of-all-trades in the digital marketing world. As an educator, he's shared the stage with Brendon Burchard, Mary Morrissey, and Mathew Boggs. Anyone who's taken a course from "JAM" knows that he's passionate about helping people create more freedom & follow their bliss. 

JAM ♥s his wife & two daughters, racquetball, and Jazzy, his 12-year-old black lab.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start?

The course starts as soon as you sign up! It’s a “go at your own pace” course, but it can be accomplished in 45 days if you put your mind to it. There are 14 days of content prep (with our Content Blueprint & Resonant Brand: Copywriting training to support you), followed by 31 days of implementation, and then, when you're ready, your site goes live!

How is this program different from "B-School"?

Many of our members report that Launch 31 is the perfect course to implement everything Marie teaches in B-School. Launch 31 handles all of the tech components while being hyper aware of small business marketing strategies.

How long will I be able to access the training & recordings?

Forever! Unless you cancel or request a refund, the training material is yours to keep.

What's the biggest difference between the packages?

Really it just boils down to the level of support you want.

Self-Study: we provide you support in the Facebook group.

Gold: we provide you personalized support with (3) 50-minute private coaching sessions.

Ruby: our most "hands on" level of support. For (8) weeks we hop on a weekly Zoom with you to collaboratively design, build & launch the site for you. You just need to supply us with your content, such as photos, copy/text, and videos. This structure inherently provides the accountability you want.

Can I use the course to build multiple websites?

Yes! Using our materials, you can build as many websites as you would like.

Do you offer a payment plan?

At this time, a payment plan is offered for the Gold package only.

What if I don’t have a Facebook account?

We recommend making an account, even if it’s just for our secret group. Within this secret group, you’ll be able to interact with our team of experts as well as other participants in the course.

Why haven’t I been added to the secret Facebook group?

You need to send an email with your Facebook login email address to [email protected] and we’ll get you added!

Will my Facebook friends be able to see my activity in the secret Facebook group?

No. Only other people in the secret group will be able to see your posts. Check out this article on Facebook for further details about group privacy settings.

Is it possible with this program to have the website in two languages? So visitors can choose the language?

At this time, Squarespace doesn't have a multilingual setup. It currently supports Spanish language, but that still doesn't give the site visitor the convenient option to "select your preferred language" and have the pages automatically translate to that specified language. Bummer! This is a major challenge for those who absolutely require multilingual websites, but WordPress is better suited than Squarespace in this department. My advice? If you don't have a bigger business ($10,000+/mo) I'd pick a primary language, build up a really solid platform in that language, attract a big audience, then funnel that momentum into a transition to the tools/platform that can handle your multilingual needs. But for just starting out? It's a LOT to ask of a small business owner to try and do two or more languages in online marketing. It's something that even medium sized businesses struggle with greatly, so I'd highly recommend waiting for the revenue to support the setup.

Will I be able to accept online credit card payments via my website?

Yes, as long as you meet the qualifications for a Stripe account as detailed here or a PayPal Business account as detailed here. Both payment gateways are fully integrated with Squarespace. You will also need a bank account to which Stripe/PayPal can transfer funds.

How much will I need to invest to get my site launched (besides the Launch 31 registration)?

At the time of this writing... Squarespace is <$250/year* and we'll show you how to get it for less (promo code). The online design app Canva is free*. MailChimp basic is free* up to 2,000 contacts & 12,000 email broadcasts per month. Stripe is free*, with the exception of transaction charges -- a standard practice for payment gateways. One thing we do recommend is a premium legal document creation tool to "write" your site's terms & conditions, privacy policy, etc. (you can expect a small investment for those legal docs -- less than $50).

What about email address? How does that work with Squarespace hosting?

Squarespace comes heavily integrated with Google apps. In fact, they offer a special deal for users to set up a Google Apps for Business account. This costs $50/year/user through Squarespace, $60/year/user if you just got it through Google directly. The primary reason why you'd want a Google Apps for Business account is that you can have an email address like [email protected] It's more pro looking when you're corresponding with clients. We recommend this, but you don't necessarily have to have a Business account to do everything we teach.

The only requirement we do make is that you have or get a Google account, either Business or Personal (i.e., a normal gmail.com email address). We'll use this account (Business or Personal) to set up Google Analytics & Google Sheets (leads database) together. It'll be an integral part of your online business growth. (We'll teach you more about this during the first week of implementation inside the Launch 31 course.)

Who can I contact if I have questions about the course?

You can post in the secret Facebook group for peer support (if you've purchased the course), or if it’s an administrative question, feel free to contact [email protected]

We're excited to have you join us if this is the right fit. Let's get started!!


We cannot guarantee that 3rd-party software/services such as Squarespace, MailChimp, Canva, or Stripe will remain at quoted prices. We are not affiliated with any of these trademarked brands; we just use and love them!

This is the "C-School" to Marie Forleo's "B-School"

Ready to implement all the amazing online business strategies you've learned? We break the big ideas down into the micro action steps so you can expertly fit the pieces together.


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